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The features provided by the Switch Off Violations plugin were added to SonarQube 4.0 and extended. Therefore, this plugin must not be used anymore with SonarQube 4.0+.

Description / Features

This plugin is used to exclude some issues in a fine-grained way. It allows to define some exclusion patterns to switch off issues:


  • File exclusion patterns (sonar.switchoffviolations.allfile) to switch off all the issues on files that contains contain a block of code that matches a given regular expression.
    • Example: switch off all the issues on files containing @javax\.annotation\.Generated
  • Bloc exclusion patterns (sonar.switchoffviolations.block) to switch off issues on specific blocks of code. Note: if the first regular expression is found but not the second one, then the plugin considers that the end of the code block is the end of the file.