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This Sonar plugin measures the number of API break violations between the current sources and the last known stable version of the library in the Maven repository.

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  1. Stop Sonar Web server
  2. Copy the JAR file into the /extensions/plugins directory
  3. Restart Sonar Server
  4. Add at least one Clirr rule to your quality profile (Configuration > Quality Profiles -> select your profile -> filter rules on plugin 'Clirr') :
    • API Change adds new feature without breaking anything
    • API Change breaks the backward binary compatibility
    • API Change might change runtime expected behavior
  5. Define your project as an API project : browse to the project settings and set the property Clirr -> API to true.
  6. Analyze your project (execute mvn sonar:sonar)
  7. Browse to the dashboard and look at "API Changes" widget and page.