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The topBuffer attribute of panel elements in userInput panels is undocumented. See http://izpack.org/community/berlios-lists-archives/izpack-devel/2007-March/000941.html for a description of the implementation and behavior.

Upgrading from IzPack 4.3 to 5.0

IzPack installation files try to preserve backwards compatibility as muc as possible yet version 5.0 introduced some incompatible changes - mostly for consistenency:

Known incompatibilities are:

  • The <native> elements must now be contained in a <natives> wrapper under 5.0. Warning: Avoid using <natives> with 4.3: The izpack installer will silently ignore the <native> tags contained therein but not throw an error.

IzPack Maven Plugin

Release 5.0 of IzPack introduces a new implementation of the izpack-maven-plugin currently found at http://izpack.codehaus.org/izpack-maven-plugin/. In contrast to the documentation there, an explicit dependency to the izpack-standalone-compiler is no longer needed.