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You've spoken and we aim to please! In tapestry-security 0.4.0 we did away with the shiro.ini and allowed configuring security Tapestry-style with all-in-Java contributions. The release finally combines all features from separate Shiro integrations (original tapestry-security by Kalle Korhonen) and tapestry-jsecurity (originally by Valentin Yerastov). We'll be adding a few signatures in minor revisions, but the interfaces are already stable and the release is fully integration tested against T5.2.5. Among other improvements are some performance enhancements: processing Shiro filter chains should be much quicker with 0.4.0. More information at tapestry-security guide.

Release notes:
TYNAMO-67 - Allow contributing new security filters
New Feature
TYNAMO-76 - Re-write the built-in Shiro filters as Tapestry filters

Tynamo Team