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Please join us at our new site.  This page still serves as a source of documentation, but will be taken down once all of the information has been migrated.


The following screenshots show two GroovyFX applications, one demonstrating the visual effect features available with JavaFX and the other demonstrating the JavaFX Charts. The ChartDemo.groovy source is listed below the screen snapshots.



Code Block
package demo

import groovyx.javafx.GroovyFX
import groovyx.javafx.SceneGraphBuilder
import javafx.collections.FXCollections
import javafx.scene.chart.PieChart

def pieData = FXCollections.observableArrayList([new PieChart.Data("Yours", 42), new PieChart.Data("Mine", 58)])

GroovyFX.start {
    new SceneGraphBuilder().stage(title: 'Chart Demo (GroovyFX)', width: 1024, height: 700, visible: true) {
        scene {
            tilePane {
                pieChart(data: [first: 0.25f, second: 0.25f, third: 0.25f])
                pieChart(data: pieData)