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The 2.5.1 release is coming about a month after the 2.5.0 release, which as been a shorter release cycle than normal. Because of this, there have been fewer enhancements compared to previous releases. That being said, we have focussed on our DSL descriptor support: fixing a few bugs, increasing performance, and ensuring that some standard DSLDs are available on install. Despite the short release cycle, we have included a number of new enhancements to Groovy-Eclipse's DSLD support.

You can use the following update site sto install this release.:

titleGroovy-Eclipse update site for Eclipse 3.7 and 3.6

For Eclipse 3.7:

For Eclipse 3.6:


It is possible to completely disable DSLD support. You can do this from the preferences -> Groovy -> DSLD page:

What to expect for the future of DSLDs

FIXADE: Work on this!!!

  1. Syntax changes to bring in line with other IDEs (intellij)
  2. As much as possible, we will continue to support old syntax, but it may be deprecated
  3. Where not possible to support old syntax, we will provide a migration path

Built-in AST transforms recognized in the editor


All hovers over swing builder components have links to full documentation.

What to expect for the future of DSLDs

As we gain more experience with DSLDs, we are learning more about the areas of DSLDs that need improvements. As we make changes to DSLD support, we will try hard to maintain backwards compatibility as well as be clear about which parts of the language have been deprecated. There are a number of things that we will be working on.

  • Pointcut changes: we are realizing that a number of pointcuts are poorly named and there are others that are ambiguous or superfluous. Expect some changes with the names of available pointcuts. We will try to keep old pointcuts available, but just mark them as deprecated.
  • Compatibility changes: IntelliJ's GDSLs solve a similar problem that DSLDs solve. However, the syntax is different. We are in discussion with the IntelliJ's Groovy team to see if there is a way of unifying the syntax of the two languages. This is a long-term goal and may not be ready for the 2.5.2 release. This will require some more significant changes to the syntax, but as much as possible, we will try to ensure that the old syntax still works.

Launch configurations

The Groovy Script launcher is now more robust. Upgrading Groovy-Eclipse versions will not break existing launch configurations. Furthermore, these launch configurations can be saved as files in a project and committed into a VCS to be shared between developers.