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Is this possible in Maven dependencies downloads to resume a download which stopped? For example I have a dependency JAR with 360 MB and sometimes our VPN expires and then the download stalls. I would like to resume from the moment it stopped as we take hours to download this file everyday.

Why does the clean plugin require dependecies to be present?  How can I avoid this?

I need to not fail the clean if dependecies aren't present, but still fail if the build products could not be deleted. In this case I have dependecies that *must* use systemPath. Those dependecies are deleted from that path by a clean of other projects.  Maven goals are always executed on those other projects first so that the dependency is in place for my other project. (The build of those projects produces an SDK in a folder with a specific layout.  The project with a problem is a sample that uses that SDK.).  I am already aware of failOnError which is a poor workaround as it won't catch real problems.