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<field type="staticText" align="left" txt="Existing SSL keystore to import:"/>
 <field type="file" align="left" variable="existing.ssl.keystore">
   <spec txt="" size="25" set="$myconfig" />

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Pressing 'Next' without a file selected show the following message:
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Messages for the file field can be customized by creating a custom lang pack and overriding the following values (attribute values wrapped for readability):


The following specification will produce a pre formatted input field to accept a US phone number with in-house extension. Even though the pattern is formatted into number groups as customary, complete with parentheses '(' and dash '-', entering the number is as simple as typing all the digits. There is no need to advance using the tab key or to enter formatting characters. Because the fields only allow numeric entry, there is a much reduced chance for entering erroneous information. "( N:3:3 ) N:3:3 - N:4:4 x N:5:5". Each of the fields uses the 'N' key, indicating that only numerals will be accepted. Also, each of the fields only accepts strings of the same length as the physical width of the field.

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E-Mail address
This specification creates a pattern that is useful for entering an e-mail address "AN:15:U @ AN:10:40 . A:4:4". Even though the first field is only fifteen characters wide it will accept a string of unlimited length, because the 'U' identifier is used for the edit length. The second field is a bit more restrictive by only accepting a string up to forty characters long.

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IP address
It might not be uncommon to require entering of an IP address. The following simple specification will produce the necessary input field. All fields are the same, allowing just three digits of numerical entry. "N:3:3 . N:3:3 . N:3:3 . N:3:3"

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Serial Number or Key Code
If you ship your product with a CD key code or serial number and require this information for registration, you might want to ask the customer to transcribe that number from the CD label, so that it is later on accessible to your application. As this is always an error prone operation, the predefined pattern with the easy editing support and restriction of accepted data helps to reduce transcription errors "H:4:4 - N:6:6 - N:3:3". This particular specification will produce three fields, the first accepting four hexadecimal, the second six numerical and the third three numerical digits.

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Even though the above examples all use single character labels between fields, there is no restriction on the length of these labels. In addition, it is possible to place label text in front of the first field and after the last field and the text can even contain spaces. The only limitation in this regard is the fact that all white space in the text will be reduced to a single space on the display. This means that it is not possible to use multiple spaces or tabs in the text.


Search h2. The search input field allows the user to choose the location of files or directories. It also supports auto-detection of the location using a list of suggestions. The field is basically a combobox with an extra button to trigger auto-detection (again).

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Specification h2. The <description> tag is the same as with other fields