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Hi CARGO enthusiasts

CARGO 1.1.2 is now ready, it comes with a number of new features and bug fixes.

On the new features and improvements side:

  • CARGO now supports JBoss 7! (CARGO-1014)
  • We have added new Maven2/Maven3 archetypes:
  • Many CARGO components are now much easier to use:
    • Configuration properties can now be set using Java system properties (-Dxxx=yyy) (CARGO-1007, CARGO-1009)
    • The CARGO JBoss remote deployers are not needed to be in the classpath anymore, they're part of the JBoss container and are loaded dynamically (CARGO-1015)
  • The cargo:run mojo is now much easier to use, and in many cases requires no plugin configuration at all:
    • Configuration properties can now be set using Java system properties (-Dxxx=yyy) (CARGO-1007, CARGO-1009)
    • New attributes: containerId and containerUrl (CARGO-970)

You can read our reworked Maven2/Maven3 plugin getting started guide, and realize how easy it now is to use CARGO on any existing Maven2/Maven3 Java EE project; no configuration is required at all!

Of course, there are also some bug fixes:

  • The Cargo Maven2/Maven3 deployer no more ignores deployables in the <configuration> element of the container (CARGO-1002)
  • Adding a configuration file to a non-existing target directory does not result in FileNotFoundException anymore (CARGO-1004)
  • The Maven2/Maven3 mojos now enable the logger in debug mode (CARGO-1010)
  • The remote deployers now get their logger from the configuration (CARGO-1012)
  • Some UberWar fixes:
    • Dollar sign in value no more breaks NodeMerge strategy (CARGO-1016)
    • Comma can now serve as a pattern end mark (CARGO-1017)
    • Left side expression no more appears twice in the merged result (CARGO-1018)
  • cargo:deploy on JBoss now works even when internet is unavailable (CARGO-1019)
  • The JOnAS installed local deployer does not show an incorrect warning anymore (CARGO-1021)