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Comment: I set the id of the UserPanel to the same value as the one used in the userSpec


(by Elmar GROM)

This panel allows you to prompt the user for data. What the user is prompted for is specified using an XML file which is included as a resource to the installer.  Most of the panels that come with IzPack take user input in some form. In some panels this is through a simple user acknowledgment in others the user can enter text or select a directory through a file open dialog. In all of those cases the user input is used for the specific purpose needed by the panel that takes the input. However, if you need user input during installation that will later on be available to your application then you need to use the user input panel.

To use this panel, list it in the install file with the class name UserInputPanel. In addition, you must write a XML specification and add it to the install resources. The name of this resource must be userInputSpec.xml.

Code Block
    <res id="userInputSpec.xml" src="user_input_spec.xml" parse="yes" type="xml"/>
    <panel classname="UserInputPanel" id="userinputpanel.orderpanel1"/>

A UserInputPanel can be highly dynamic from IzPack 4.3 on, as it will be refreshed every time the user input changes and will be rendered based on conditions. For instance, it would be possible to enable or disable some more options by clicking a checkbox.