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Description / Features



This plugin may be re-activated on demand, as since SonarQube 4.5, RCI Metric has been re-activated thru the Issues Density Plugin

Description / Features

Computes a new metric named violation density. This is kind of the "opposite" for of the rule compliance metric. Rule The rule compliance metric's formula is: max(0, 100 - weighted_violations / Lines of code * 100). Violation The violation density metric's formula is: weighted_violations / Lines of code * 100. The main advantage is that bad projects can always be compared ( because the formula allow metric values to exceed 100% while rule compliance can never be under 0%).

The new metric key is: violation_index

There is a new widget to replace the Rules Compliance one.

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Include - Plugin Installation
Include - Plugin Installation


  1. Configure you your filter(s) to replace the Rules Compliance column by the Violation Density one.
  2. Configure your dashboard(s) to replace the Rules Compliance widget by the Violation Density one.