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Table of Contents

This feature provides the ability to allows any logged in user to subscribe to the following email notifications:

  • Changes in review issues assigned to me or created reported by me
  • New violations on my favourite projects introduced during the first differential view period

Notification Mechanism

During each Sonar analysis, the notifications are computed for each user who has subscribed to notifications. Regarding violations, users are notified on new violations introduced on their favourite projects during the first differential view period (Period 1).

Then, in asynchronous way, emails on those notifications are sent to users.

To set the delay between processing of notification queue, set the property sonar.notifications.delay (in seconds) in conf/


Note that sometimes there could be some discrepancy between values displayed in the email and values displayed on the web interface.

This happens if another analysis has been run between the sending of the mail and you clicking on the link to the Violations drill-down in the email.

Event Subscription

Each logged in user can subscribe to notification by going to Configuration > My Profile and tick the events they wants to subscribe to:

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Email Configuration

In order to be able to send emails, you should first configure the email settings. Go to Configuration > General Settings > Email:

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for all projects or a specific list of projects.

To subscribe to notifications, go to UserName > My profile and tick the events you want to subscribe to.

In the below example, the user will receive notifications for:

  • New quality gate status for all projects
  • Changes in issues assigned to her/him or reported by her/him on the following project: "Sample C# project"
  • New false positives on the following projects: "Simple Java project analyzed with the SonarQube Runner"

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See Notifications - Administration to administer this notification mechanism.