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This topic is not about the classpath requirements to run Cargo (see the Installation page for this); it's about configuring the classpath for the executing container. For most containers, Cargo automatically manages You can therefore add custom JARs to the container's classpath by adding the required container JARs to it. However, some containers support being embedded. This is the case of Jetty and the Jetty4xEmbeddedContainer implementation class (for example) simply starts the container in the running JVM. Thus you'll need to ensure to have the Jetty JAR + all the other related JARs required (jasper-compiler and jasper-runtime jars specifically).In addition, for all non-embedded container implementations it is possible to add custom JARs to the container's execution classpath as shown belowexecution classpath as shown below.

Note that some containers also support adding custon JARs to the applications' classpath only: see Application Classpath for details.

Example using the Java API