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In this example, our LockableList is now a composite of a list and a lock and is instanceof of List and Lock. However, if you didn't intend your class to be implementing these interfaces, you would still be able to do so by specifying a parameter on the annotation:@Delegate(interfaces = false) private List list = []

Let's have a look at another simple usage of @Delegate, for wrapping an existing class, delegating all calls to the delegate:

Code Block

class Photo {
    int width
    int height

class PhotoSelection {
    @Delegate Photo photo

    String title
    String caption

def photo = new Photo(width: 640, height: 480)
def selection = new PhotoSelection(title: "Groovy", caption: "Groovy", photo: photo)

assert selection.title == "Groovy"
assert selection.caption == "Groovy"

assert selection.width == 640
assert selection.height == 480