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2. Tackle the current open jiras, particularly:

  • Easier custom toolbar items in JMapFrame
  • Avoiding redundant drawing in the map pane (when simple)
  • Support for rotation
  • Support for linked map panes.

2 and 3 might not be done in that order - more likely my usual random
mix unless external constraints demand otherwise.


Docs minimal:

  • Single code example (the tutorials have this covered)

Docs recommended:

  • class diagrams and a few code examples of the good bits

The existing docs have this covered:

RnD Target

Recent Developments:


Options (these are alternaitves):

  • Preprocess Style using a visior to rewrite relativ paths
  • Update ImageGraphicFactory or SLDStyleFactory to handle relative file paths
  • Use env vairable subst: so \${base}\/face.png would refer to the SLD document base