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  • If you are running on an OS that is not yet supported, please contact me and we'll make it work. You do not need C expertise, I'll just ask you some questions about the environment, then you compile after I've made the changes and make sure it works. Examples of environments I'd like someone who has them to help me out with: Linux on non-x86 hardware, Solaris on x86, HPUX, FreeBSD...
  • Try running on Windows 2000 or 64-bit Windows and tell me how it goes.
  • If you are on an IBM system and have IBM JVM ( installed (or are willing and able to install it), try running the native launcher with it (e.g. using --javahome parameter). Tell me how it goes. Also, I'd very much like to know where the said jvm's location is stored in windows registry (if you don't know how to look this up, ask me for help)