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  • Now based off of Groovy 1.8.2 (by default) and 1.7.10 (if specified).
  • The Java compiler is now Java 7 based (from Eclipse JDT 3.7.1).
  • No longer need to use the build helper plugin to specify the src/main/groovy and src/test/groovy source folders. They are added to the build automatically if they exist.
  • Updated groovy-eclipse-compiler archetype project. This archetype is available at:
M2E support

Now Groovy-Eclipse's m2e configurator now works with m2e 1.0 and is also available from the release update site. The old version of the Groovy-Eclipse configurator is still available from the dev update site and we will keep it available for legacy reasons. It is the only version that is compatible with pre 1.0 versions of m2eclipse. However, we recommend against using it if possible.