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  • Within a source file
  • Across multiple files in a project
  • Across modules of a project
  • Across multiple projects

Looking For Duplications

Add the Duplications widget (was Comments & Duplications prior to version 3.7) to your dashboard:


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Activating Cross Module and Cross Project Duplication Detection

Log By default, the scope of duplication detection is the project for standard projects and the module for multi-module projects. To detect duplications between the modules of your project and between the different projects analyzed on your SonarQube platform, log in as a a System administrator, go to Settings > General Settings > General > Duplications and set the Cross project duplication detection property to true.Run a new Then run another analysis on your projects to detect duplications with other projects.





  • For technical reasons, cross module duplications will be be detected only after the second analysis of your project.
  • Cross project duplication detection is automatically disabled when analyzing a project with the sonar.branch property set.

Best Practices

  • Always check for duplications in a file before modifying it. If there are any: