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To be clear, the difference in the overall time taken by the workload between BTM-2.1.2 and BTM-2.2 is dramatic .  Under BTM-2.2 the workload used in this test completed in 1:41 (one minute, forty-one seconds).  Under BTM-2.1.2 the same workload took 3:17 (three minutes, seventeen seconds).for my company's product.  Bitronix went from a component that often showed up high on the radar when profiling our overall application (both in CPU and lock-contention), to a component that is largely transparent to us.  Before, we had to "filter out" Bitronix when searching for performance problems in our application.  With BTM-2.2 that is rarely necessary.

Having seen the gains in BTM-2.2, it would be hard to "go back" to the current release version, and as it stands we intend to use BTM-2.2 in our next product release.