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Scripting support in a hurry.

Occasionally, we developers need to do something zany like expose a part of our program or library via easy to understand "scripting" for regular users--for the user, there's no compiler, IDE; just a plain text file with "code." Nice and easy, in other words.

This document is designed to show you just how to do that either through the Boo.Lang.Compiler API which give you much more control on how the code gets compiled and generated or through the simpler, higher level, Boo.Lang.Interpreter API.

"The End"

That is pretty much the sum of it--the way you implement scripting will vary, of course; you might want to accept Boo source code from your application via a nicely formatted text editor; in that case, it would be more appropriate to use the StringInput class and feed it a string from your buffer instead.