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Comment: adding that GROOVY_HOME is optional


  • Get a copy of the Groovy distribution from the website, and copy it to some place on your hard drive.
  • Unzip the groovy archive to some logical place on your hard drive, I have mine in C:\dev\groovy-1.0-jsr-06
  • Set the GROOVY_HOME environment variables. On Windows, follow these steps:
    • Add Optionally add a new System variable with the name GROOVY_HOME and the value of the directory groovy was installed in (mine is C:\dev\groovy-1.0-jsr-06)
    • Start a command prompt, and type "set" and hit return to see that your environment variables were set correctly.
  • Optionally add %GROOVY_HOME%\bin to your system path
  • Try opening groovyConsole.bat by double clicking on the icon in the bin directory of the Groovy distribution. If it doesn't work, open a command prompt, and change to the bin directory and run it from there to see what the error message is. If it is complaining about not finding parts of Groovy, then setting GROOVY_HOME may help,

Setting up optional jar files