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For most developers, long gone are the days of programming in a good old text editor. Now has come the age of modern and flashy IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) and yet Maven propose a basic command line-based tool. So after all the money and time we invested into incorporating this IDE in our development process, you expect us to dump it? Are you insane? There is no way I can live one day without this great refactor menu. Relax, all the dirty work has already been done. Maven can collaborate elegantly with most IDEs and there is significant work in progress to integrate it directly in a lot of IDEs' interface, which mean you can still use your favorite tools and yet Maven at the same time. Isn't that cool ?

This trail explains the basic of using Maven in conjunction with your favorite IDE. We suggest you to read reading the first lesson which is appropriate to any IDE users and then to proceed to the one 's concerning your favorite tool.

  • The basic basics: Maven's collaboration strategy: Maven takes the same approach as Ant (until recently) - generating your project files. Maven's POM are is perfectly suited for this task since they basically contain it contains all the project information.
  • Dealing with Eclipse-based IDE: For those of you living in a parallel universe, Eclipse is a great free open source IDE platform (well in fact it's more then that) oriented firstly toward Java development and is the dominant player in this software area. A lot of commercial IDEs are built upon its fundations.
  • Dealing with JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA: IntelliJ IDEA is an excellent commercial Java IDE with a large group of supporters. It was the precursor of all this great "Refactor" stuff now offered by every good IDE.
  • Dealing with NetBeans: NetBeans is like Eclipse a free open source IDE but developed by Sun. It has gained some momentum in the last year.
  • Dealing with Oracle JDeveloper:
  • What! My favorite IDE is not supported: Add your favourite in a comment below