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1. Numeric Processing
    Integer Math - choose from many types of integers

    BigDecimal Decimal Math - for high-precision decimal math

    Floating Point Math - for high-speed decimal math

    Dates and Times - enabling complex date manipulations

2. Collections
    Lists and Sets - group various items into a collection

    Object Arrays - fixed-size arrays for faster collections

    Maps and Sorted Maps - assign collected values to keys

3. Text Processing
    Characters - access the full power of Unicode

    Strings and StringBuffers - easily handle strings of characters

    String Pattern Matching - find patterns within strings

4. Input and Output
    Files - manipulate the file system easily

    Streams, Readers, and Writers - access data as a flow of information

5. Control Structures
    Blocks, Closures, and Functions - compose your program programs from many building blocks

    Expandos, Classes, and Categories - encapsulate your program 's complexity

    Program Control - various ways to structure your program logic

6. Data Typing
    Static Typing and Interfaces - put compile-time restrictions in your programprograms

    Inheritance - use your classes and methods for many purposes

    Exceptions - handle exception and error conditions simply

7. Meta-Programming
    Using Interceptors with the ProxyMetaClass - intercept your method calls

    Using MetaClasses - add and modify behavior of objects

    Class Reflection - examine and manipulate objects dynamically - IN PROGRESS