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  • A Maven plugin to automatically generate static class and artifact diagrams
  • A tool to troubleshoot artifact dependency problems

The WORK IN PROGRESS code connected to this proposal is in the mojo sandbox:

Previous work

See for previous work and discussions, to reuse as much as possible


The editor will be using a Prefuse library ( In particular, all strategies of automatic object positioning provided by the library will be available for the user. The only connection between Maven and the editor will be the data source component (the connector). Out of the two connectors I wish to create only one (the dependencies view) will be dependent on Maven, the other (class hierarchy view) will be Maven-independent. Thus the editor may be viewed as a universal tool to browse and explore all kinds of data through the Prefuse library and to prepare visualization template files. This means the editor could be used in a wide variety of cases, provided an appropriate connector is supplied.

The Maven Plug-in (maven-graph-plugin)