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I misspelled a method call, but it sill compiled. What gives?

Take this simple script as an example:

Code Block
class Greet {
  def salute( person ) { println "Hello ${}!" }
  def welcome( Place location ) { println "Welcome to ${location.state}!" }

g = new Greet()
g.salude()                //misspelling
g.welcome( 123 )          //wrong argument type


Note that running groovyc Greet.groovy does not produce any errors. Instead, a MissingMethodException is thrown at that lineruntime.

This is because Groovy is a dynamic language. Several other things could be happening to make this code valid at runtime. Using the MetaClass, you could add a salude() method to the Greet class at runtime. You could also add a state property to Number, which would make the welcome(..) call valid. See ExpandoMetaClass and Groovy Categories.