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A javax.swing.JSlider is returned, unless the user passes in a subclass of JSlider as the value argument, in which case the value argument is returned.


Declared in JSliderSee also: JComponent

  • extent <int> Size of the range covered by the knob.
  • inverted <boolean> If true reverses the slider values from their normal order
  • labelTable <Dictionary> Specifies what labels will be drawn for any given value.
  • majorTickSpacing <int> Sets the number of values between major tick marks.
  • maximum <int> The sliders maximum value.
  • minimum <int> The sliders minimum value.
  • minorTickSpacing <int> Sets the number of values between minor tick marks.
  • model <BoundedRangeModel> The sliders BoundedRangeModel.
  • orientation <int> Set the scrollbars orientation to either VERTICAL or HORIZONTAL.
  • paintLabels <boolean> If true labels are painted on the slider.
  • paintTicks <boolean> If true tick marks are painted on the slider.
  • paintTrack <boolean> If true, the track is painted on the slider.
  • snapToTicks <boolean> If true snap the knob to the nearest tick mark.
  • value <int> The sliders current value.


No child content is accepted in a slider.


slider creates a slider-bar type widget.
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