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Installation Directories

The home directory for the debian distribution of Hightide is /usr/share/hightide. Other directories under /var and /etc are linked to
from the /usr/share/hightide directory.

The configuration of the server is in /etc/hightide. The configuration files listed in /etc/hightide/jetty.conf are passed to the command line of Hightide when it is started by /etc/init.d/hightide.

Webapps can be deployed by placing them in /var/lib/hightide/webapps (linked from /usr/share/hightide/webapps). Additional contexts can be configured and (hot) deployed via the /etc/hightide/contexts directory (linked from /usr/share/hightide/contexts).

Code Block

 /usr/share/hightide              - hightide.home directory
                  /contexts       - webapp context files
                  /database       - default database install dir
                  /etc            - configuration files
                  /lib            - jar files
                  /logs           - log files
                  /resources      - extra runtime config
                  /webapps        - webapp static deployment directory

/etc/init.d/hightide    --> start/stop script
/etc/default/hightide   --> default values read by start/stop script
/etc/hightide           --> /usr/share/hightide/etc
/etc/hightide/contexts  -->  /usr/share/hightide/contexts
/var/lib/webapps        --> /usr/share/hightide/webapps
/var/log/hightide       --> /usr/share/hightide/logs
/var/run/   --> running hightide process id

Starting/Stopping Hightide


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