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Noticed behavior: After making manual changes to the BPMN 2.0 xml file in the editor, some of those changes are lost upon save of the diagram.

Resolution: None

Workaround: Only use constructs supported by the diagram view when editing the BPMN directly


Although the behavior may be confusing and at times inconvenient, I doubt we will be changing this any time soon. This this is not a bug, but a feature. The behavior is fundamental to the way the multipage editor works: you can edit in either the diagram or the BPMN view, but in both views your are bound by the functionality we actually support. Obviously, you can use constructs in the BPMN XML than we don't support, but we will not be able to process them and will therefore drop them upon regeneration. The essence of the way this works is that changes made in either view are synchronized to the other view and must therefore be supported by both. Any change to the diagram will regenerate the BPMN for all constructs supported. The same goes for exporting 

Obviously, you can use constructs in the BPMN XML than we don't support (and may or may not be supported in Activiti's engine), but we will not be able to process them and will therefore drop them upon regeneration from the diagram to BPMN.

The easiest rule of thumb is this: if you can't do it in the process diagram, then you can't do it in the BPMN either, even if Activiti engine supports it.

If you find a construct you can edit in the process diagram, but doesn't get synced to the BPMN, then that's a bug. Please report a case like this to us, by filing a Jira issue for the Designer component and we will look into it. Regenerating the BPMN for the constructs supported and dropping non-supported output is, however, a feature.

2. Why can't I install Activiti Designer with Eclipse 3.6.2, Eclipse Java EE and/or plugin <myfavoriteplugin>?

Noticed behavior: Unable to install Activiti Designer into a different distribution of Eclipse than Eclipse Classic 3.6.1, such as Eclipse for Java EE, Eclipse for RCP, Yoxos, SpringSource Tool Suite, etc because of plugin versions conflict(s).

Resolution: Pending, we are working on becoming more compatible with other plugins

Workaround: Use Eclipse Classic 3.6.1


We currently only support installation on Eclipse 3.6.1 Classic. You can download the Eclipse distribution from here. There is a known issue in Eclipse 3.6.2 where the properties view is not correctly synchronized with the diagram. This means that if you click on a node, the properties view is not correctly changed to show the properties of the selected node. We are affected by this bug and cannot upgrade due to it. We are monitoring resolution of this issue in order to support updated versions of Eclipse

Some other distributions of Eclipse and especially some plugins may require other versions of plugins that are incompatible with the ones we require (particularly, WST and EMF). We are looking into loosening our requirements so Activiti Designer can be combined more flexibly with other plugins where possible. We hope you understand it's nearly impossible for us to test with all different distributions and plugins out there, but we are working on our part to have less stringent requirements to to avoid as many problems as possible. Our aim is to be compatible with the most recent version of Eclipse where we can, so you can be up to date as a developer.