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... To work with Activiti Modeler or Activiti Cycle on trunk, set the property in your [user.home]/.activiti/ to, e.g., if you want to use a previous release or something like file:///home/falko/svn/activiti-modeler/dist/activiti-modeler.war if you want to use an own build of the Activiti Modeler.

linux.browser=echo: Set this poperty to echo to prevent the browser from being opened. You also use a different browser than Firefox through this property.

[user.home]/.activiti/tomcat-users.xml To enable the automatic redeployment targets in qa/build.xml, put a tomcat-users.xml in your [user.home]/.activiti directory with the following content:


In order to have BPMN code completion and validation, import BPMN's XML Schemas from activiti-engine/src/main/resources/org/activiti/impl/bpmn/parser into the Eclipse XML Catalog, which can be found in Preferences --> XML --> XMLCatalog.

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