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Use Case


Scarlet is building a provisioning system for automating the delivery of multi-play telecommunication offer. For example Scarlet Internet, Scarlet Internet and Voice-over-IP telephony,Scarlet Internet and Digital TV, Mobile Telephony, etc...  One off the biggest challenges in automating this delivery process; is automating the most common use-cases; but also supporting the rather infrequent use-cases. This is where Ativiti fits perfectly in as a workflow- and business process management platform; coupling nicely human-tasks and automated service-tasks into one business process.  Scarlet uses Activiti Service-Tasks to call external and internal parties. For example encrypted mail communication towards the incumbent; post-script files communication towards printing services, jdbc calls towards billing systems, etc.  Activiti Human-Tasks are used at Scarlet for both incident management ticketing on the automated processing; as for indicating manual tasks for the rather infrequent use-cases.
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