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Groovy-Eclipse already implements several quick fixes and quick assists, but it would be great to have more.  The nice thing about this project is that each quick assist/fix is largely self-contained and you can look at existing implementations to see how to build new ones.  Quick fixes/assists are nice to have and provide a bit of polish on Groovy-Eclipse that is currently missing.

See here for a list of open quick assist issues:.

Project 3: Refactoring

Groovy-Eclipse implements some of the basic refactorings: rename, extract local variable, extract constant, and extract method.  To be a full fledged language IDE, we should be offering a wider range of refactorings, including (but not limited to): introduce parameter, change method signature and convert local variable to field.  Also, some Groovy-specific refactorings like extract to category, push from category, and convert to explicit typing.