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Oracle JDeveloper is a free integrated development environment with end-to-end support for modeling, developing, debugging, optimizing, and deploying Java applications and Web services. Oracle JDeveloper can be downloaded from Oracle Website.


The plugin is work in progress.


The Groovy extension is available through the Help->Check for Updates menu of JDeveloper. The Groovy plugin is registered in the "Open Source and Partners Extensions" update center.

  • Go to: Help -> Check for Update
  • Click  Next
  • Select the Open Source and Partners Extensions  repository and click Next
  • Select the features to install upgrade by selecting the Groovy check box and press Next
  • Select if you want to make this extension available for All the user or only the current one.

This will automatically download the extension and ask you to restart JDeveloper.  Once you restart JDeveloper the extension will be installed. To verify the installation visit the Tools->Preferences->Extensions menu and look for the Groovy extension entry.

Groovy Library

The extension adds a new library to JDeveloper with the JAR files of the Groovy 1.0 language. You can access this library definition through the Tools->Manage Libraries menu option. The Groovy library would be added to your project automatically when you create a new  script. You can also add it to project manually.


Groovy Script Creation Wizard

The Groovy extension adds a new wizard to JDeveloper that allows you to create scripts file and also automatically configures the project to include the Groovy library. Once the script is created you can start editing and running it from JDeveloper.