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General directions

Short term:

  • Add more container support
  • Continue adding container support for dynamic deploymentsKeep on ensuring that the containers support all versions, most notably that the newest versions are supported.
  • Continue harmonizing the configurations of containers:

Medium term:

  • Add support for more containers (for example, IBM WebSphere).
  • Improve container configuration generation so that strongly customizable configurations can be generated.

Longer term:

  • Continue adding container support for dynamic deployments
  • Add support for different types of containers. An idea would be to add Database support (ability to start/Stop them but also to deploy schema and data files to them)
  • Add ability to take a J2EE archive and apply an environment-dependent configuration to it, resulting in a new configured J2EE archive.

More information on JSRs potentially useful for Cargo:

    • Installation - move the properly packaged components to the server
    • Configuration - the resolution of all external dependencies declared by the application
    • Undeployment - removal of the application from the server
  • JSR77: The Specification proposes a standard management model for exposing and accessing the management information, operations, and parameters of the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition components. The management model will:
    • Allow rapid development of management solutions for J2EE
    • Provide integration with existing management systems
    • Enable a single management tool to manage multiple vendor implementations of the platform
    • Enable a specific implementation of a platform to use any compliant management tool
  • One such support is for example provided by the Mule container (an independent, open source extension).

Tasks already planned to be implemented

See the JIRA roadmap.