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titleZipped Groovy-Eclipse update site for Eclipse 4.2, 3.7, and 3.6

For Eclipse 3.7:

For Eclipse 3.6:

For Eclipse 4.2:

You can install from the zip by pointing your Eclipse update manager to the downloaded zip file and following the installation instructions.


Which gets displayed in hovers as this:

Similarly, you can use Javadoc tags inside of DSLD doc tags.  For example, this gives a similar effect as above:

Code Block
contribute(currentType("Analyzer")) {
  method name:"analyzeThis", type:String, params:[data:String, depth, Integer], doc:"""
    Analyzes some data to the given depth.
    @author Andrew Eisenberg
    @since 2.6.1
    @param data the data to analyze
    @param depth the depth to analyze to
    @return the result of analyzing the data


We have fixed over 100 bugs for this release. See the details on our issue tracker.

Shout outs

Yay!We have 3 students working on Groovy-Eclipse and contributing to our quick fixes.  So far, Elvis Martinez, Stephanie Van Dyk, and Daniel Phan have contributed the implementations behind the split assignment and the swap operands quickfixes.  Thanks!  Looking forward to some more great work

What's next?

We are tentatively planning a 2.7.0 release in June. You can take a look at all issues we are planning to fix for this release.