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titlea. Contents of a minimal file that matches the requirements:
package org.callimachusproject;
import com.izforge.izpack.utilpanels.*process.AbstractUIProcessHandler;

public class HelloWorld {
  public void run(AbstractUIProcessHandler handler, String[] args) {
    handler.logOutput("Hello, World!", false);

This class uses the com.izforge.izpack.utilpanels.process.AbstractUIProcessHandler class to log output into a calling ProcessPanel. See the IzPack javadoc for details.


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titleCompile your Java class
$ javac -cp "/path/to/izpack-standalone-compiler.jar:." org/callimachusproject/HelloWorld.java

If you are using maven, include the dependency izpack-panel to get the AbstractUIProcessHandler class.

c. Package your Java class into a separate JAR


This is partially documented in  http://izpack.org/documentation/panels.html#processpanel  DOES THIS NEED TO BE ADDED TO THE VERSION 5 DOCS?


Code Block
  <job name="setup">
    <executeclass name="org.callimachusproject.HelloWorld"></>
  <onFail previous="true" next="false" />
  <onSuccess previous="false" next="true" />