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Table of Contents


This page documents version 3.3 of the SonarQube Eclipse plugin. For prior versions, click here.


While browsing the source code, SonarQube in Eclipse highlights issues. But its added value is to be able highlight the new issues that you have introduced while adding/modifying the source code. You can thus check your code prior to pushing it to the SCM to make sure that you haven't introduced any new issues.


Note that you can also run an analysis on a working set. This allows you to trigger several analyses at once on all the projects of the working set.

Include Page
Include - Local Analysis Notes
Include - Local Analysis Notes

Analysis Parameters

Parameters are retrieved as defined below:


  • Right-click on the project in the Project Explorer, and then Properties > SonarQube
  • This date can be displayed on the navigation views, like the Project explorer or the Navigator. This option is not active by default. To activate it, go to Window > Preferences > General > Appearance > Label Decorations and check SonarQube Analysis Date Decorator:

Browsing the



Four different views are available to browse the quality of your projects: