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1. report on number of duplicated lines that could be reduced
Currently Sonar tells you that you have 50 lines involves in a duplication. But it does not tell easily you whether this is two blocks of 25 lines that are duplicated (in which case you can save 25 lines) or 5 blocks of 10 lines (in which case you can save 40 lines). With the plugin you get this extra information. Algorithm is following : assuming that refactoring will not cross boundaries of sub-projects ( no support for cross-project duplication detection ), first occurence of duplicated block will survive and all others can be removed.

2. report on the number of lines of dead code that could be reduced (only for Java)
Currently Sonar reports on the number of unsused private method within you application. This can be done through the PMD:UnusedPrivateMethod or through the SQUID:UnusedPrivateMethod. This plugin calculates the number of lines that can be saved for each of them and aggregates them.