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Reading the Java 7 planned try-with-resource syntax I am convinced that supporting the Closable interface is necessary change for GeoTools 9.x.




This proposal is shaping up, ask question on the email list or vote below:



no progress






lack mandate/funds/time


volunteer needed

  1. FeatureIterator API change to throw IOException
    • Update Interface and Implementations
    • Fix library code including any broken tests
  2. Warn / Patch downstream applications
    1. Patch for GeoServer
    2. Patch for uDig
  3. Coordinate API (tick) Coordinate API Change (above patches should be tested / applied together)
  4. Implement Closable
    • FeatureIterator(tick) FeatureIterator
    • FeatureReader(tick) FeatureReader
    • FeatureWriter
    Update the user guide
    • Feature (tick) FeatureWriter
  5. (tick) A lot of this work got rolled into the FeatureCollection clean up
  6. Warn / Patch downstream applications (Combined with FeatureCollection cleanup)
    1. (tick) Patch for GeoServer
    2. (warning) Patch for uDig (patch ready held up waiting for 1.3.3 release)
  7. Check the code examples in user guide

API Changes