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in file %JAVA_HOME%/jre/lib/ or equivalent

  • make sure your log handler is configured to show level 'FINER' at least,

    Code Block
    java.util.logging.ConsoleHandler.level = ALL
  • set MetaClass logging to 'FINER' at least,

    Code Block
    groovy.lang.MetaClass.level = FINER
  • set the appropriate Level for the Classes and optionally method names
    that you want to trace. The name for the appropriate logger starts with
    'methodCalls' and optionally ends with the method name,

    Code Block
    # trace all method calls
    methodCalls.level = FINER
    # trace method calls to the 'String' class = FINER
    # trace method calls to Object.println() = FINER

with tracing enabled for all method calls a Groovy command line
script appears as follows (German locale)

Code Block

$ groovy -e "println 'hi'"
13.09.2005 14:33:05 script_from_command_line run()
FEINER: called from MetaClass.invokeMethod
13.09.2005 14:33:05 script_from_command_line println('hi')
FEINER: called from MetaClass.invokeMethod


There is one problem with loggers and groovy: Script name and line number is wrong. Groovy is using some bytecode magic which is confusing loggers. It is big problem for debugging, also message filtering by classes does not work.

There is simple patch for LOG4J which solve it. With it, LOG4J correctly shows file names and line numbers when invoked from Groovy. For more details check