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  1. First check the plugin's FAQ or Troubleshooting sections.
  2. See if there is any open issues that may be linked to your question/problem
  3. Eventually send a mail on the user mailing list ( to ask for help


  1. PHP 1.1 2 - short-term activity (see the JIRA open tickets - ETA: June 2012)
    1. Improve the PHP CodeSniffer rule repository (adding missing parameters, descriptions, ...)
    2. Work on the "Sonar Way", PEAR and Zend profiles (<= for PHP gurus! (wink) )
  2. PHP 2.0 - mid-term activity
    1. Handle multiple files with the same name
    2. Consider root folders as "Projects"
    3. Non structured PHP files
    4. If it turns out that those tickets are technically difficult/long to implement, then they can be postponed