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We have a received a request on geotools-devel to relicense a subset of the codebase under the apache license to facilitate collaboration with the apache sis-dev community.

The code contribution agreement, cited below, clearly allows contributors to continue to reuse and repurpose their own work. As such this proposal is strictly focused on establishing a working relationship with the Apache foundation to facilitate making a subset of the codebase available under a dual license.


  • Q: Does Apache Foundation incubation ask for copyright assignment?
    A: The apache incubation policy does not appear to cover copyright assignment. Prefer OSGeo Foundation maintains copyright, and any derived work continues to list prior copyrights.
  • Q: Does GeoTools plan to change license?
    A: It is one of the options mentioned above, and thus we assume cause for confusion. This request is not sufficient motivation to change license.
  • Q: Does GeoTools plan to join LocationTech?
    A: There has been no contact between the organisations. The above email threads touch on GeoTK and GeoAPI considering joining LocationTech.
    The uDig project has a long standing goal of outreach to the Eclipse community, and has arranged a specific exception for JTS and GeoTools LGPL dependencies.
  • Q: I thought the GeoTools PMC rejected this change?
    A: The proposal is currently under review, an prior email thread has been taken out of context
  • Q: Can the board Dual License the codebase?
    A: Section V of the code contribution indicates that the code base can be made available under another open source license, with the choice of license made in consultation with the group governing the project. The license chosen has to line up with the organisation by-laws, which place the responsibility for the codebase with the project steering committee.
  • Q: Can Martin, as a contributor, relicense his submissions?
    A: The quick answer is that he can do almost anything except relicense the work, as changing the license is listed as a board responsibility. 


This proposal is in up for review: