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    - roll out to remaining implementations: jdbc-postgis, jdbc-oracle etc...
67. QA Run to confirm existing datastore implementations do not fail when provided a 3D BBox to test against


    - cut and paste the test in for shapefile-ng, wfs and so on
8. Pull request
    - (tick) submit pull request
    - AA :review
9. Update and test downstream applications
   - NC: GeoServer patch 
   - JG: uDig Patch
10. Finish and cleanup
   - NC: revise based on integration with downstream applications (usually just javadocs, or the occasional bug report)
   - NC: Close the jira, news announcement, possible milestone release (depending on what you need for your deadline)

API Changes

The changes are API additions, rather than changes.
There will be the following new interfaces in geoapi: