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Comment: time estimates, progress checklist



I am contracted to work on this until the end of July 2012. At the time of writing that leaves approximately 8 weeks.


no progress






lack mandate/funds/time


volunteer needed

  1. (tick) WFSDataAccessFactory integrated into 'Factory' hierarchy.
  2. (tick) WFSContentDataAccess integrated into 'DataAccess' hierarcy.
  3. (tick) A new 'GetParser<...>' hierarchy created to supplant existing 'GetFeatureParser' hierarchy. XmlComplexFeatureParser integrated into this.
  4. (tick) A new 'FeatureBuilder<...>' hierarchy created to generalise functionality from 'SimpleFeatureBuilder' so that it can be used by a new ComplexFeatureBuilder class.
  5. (tick) Create an AttributeBuilder. (In progress, 1 week)
  6. (tick) Create a ComplexFeatureBuilder. (Started, 2 weeks, blocked by #5)
  7. (tick) Complete the XmlComplexFeatureParser. (Started, 3 weeks, blocked by #6)
  8. Update documentation. (Blocked by #7)

That would leave 2 weeks to respond to faults from community, bug fixes, documentation updates etc.

I'll update these time estimates as I progress.

  1. in progress)


API Changes

Public API for making WFS request