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If you upgrade from 0.1 to 0.2 or later you'll need to run a new analysis to see the widgets of authors Authors activity and commits per author widgets.

Description / Features

The plugin computes and feeds SonarQube with four (4) new metrics : Commits / Author, Commits / Clock Hour, Commits / Week Day and Commits / Month.
Five (5) project widgets ( under the SCM category ) display these metrics using graphical representations.


The "commits per author widget" displays only the top 10 authors ( list and pie chart )


The "Author activity" widget  widget (available since version 0.2) displays a stacked 3D bar chart about showing the top 10 authors activities activity types: New new files(green), modifications(blue) , deletions(red)


The other three widgets display in a bar chart charts for the number of commits / clock hour, week day or month.


If you plan to use this plugin with non-maven Maven projects, or SCM access is available only with username/password or no SCM information is included in project's pom.xml you have to must also install the SCM Activity plugin.


The properties for period 2 (sonar.scm-stats.period2) and period 3 (sonar.scm-stats.period3) can have the value of zero(0) but the plugin will ignore it. In other words, whole history stats, Stats for the entire history of a project will be collected only if sonar.scm-stats.period1property is set to zero(0). Negative values are ignored for all periods.


Since version 0.3, the plugin allows you to set a list of authors to ignore (sonar.scm-stats.authors.ignore) and a list of author name synonyms to merge author names into single authors (sonar.scm-stats.authors.merge).
If you want to set them using the project / global settings then , add one author (ignored or merged) in each value.
If you want to pass them as analysis arguments then you have to add the comma (, ) between authors must be comma-delimited. with aliases semicolon-delimited.

Example for ignored authors: -Dsonar.scm-stats.authors.ignore=author1,author2,author3

Example for ignored merged authors: -Dsonar.scm-stats.authors.merge="author1=author;AUTHOR1,author2=author22;Author2;authOr2"
(Records for both "author" and "AUTHOR1" will be merged into "author1". Records for "author22", "Author2" and "auth0r2" will be merged into "author2")

Perforce Configuration

Perforce is supported since version 0.3 and you need to set the Client Spec name property (sonar.scm-stats.perforce.clientspecin order to be able to get scm stats


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