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This page is to track progress on NCover 4 integration

Current status: NOT IMPLEMENTED

Feel free to vote for SONARDOTNT-275

There is no more longer a Gallio-specific runner for NCover 4 (/r:NCover3). NCover 4 can monitor any .net running NET program and collect coverage. The requirement is to configure a project in NCover Code Central and tell it what is the process to monitor (name or regexp of process name), and also add some filters to tell what modules are the modules associated with this the project.

Here is a sample configuration:

Once a project is configured in Code Central, measure measures will be automatically collected the next time a monitored program is run.


--file can only configure the file name. It is not possible to give a full path. Resulting file will be in working directory with name <filename>.nccov (coverage-report.nccov in our example).


SonarQube Integration, Step #1

  • ask people to configure NCover project by themselfthemselves
  • add a new parameter sonar.ncover4.projectName that the user should provide for each project
  • add a new parameter sonar.ncover4.installDirectory
  • run:
Code Block
<sonar.ncover4.installDirectory\NCover.exe> Run --project=<sonar.ncover4.projectName> --buildId=<timestamp> -- <current Gallio command line>
  • verify command output and if everything is fine, execute the following command with working directory = target/sonar:


Limitations: manual configuration step required. No guaranty guarantee that NCover configuration (especially module names) match Sonar matches SonarQube configuration (exclusions, ...). No way to differentiate Unit tests and ITs.


SonarQube Integration, Step #2

TODO find a way to automatically verify configuration of NCover project. Then create or update NCover project if necessary. Require an API. Question asked to NCover support. In this case we could make parameter sonar.ncover4.projectName optional (and automatically generate a project name during first execution and reuse it later).


SonarQube Integration, Step #3

Run 2 executions of Gallio/NCover in order to separate unit tests and ITs. Question: should we have 2 separate projects in NCover Code Central or does 1 project for both is fine? With second option I fear history in Code Central will be broken as we will have alternatively