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fromfileThe source XML file.No. Nested <fileset> elements can also supply the merge source(s). If specified, fromfile must exist.
tofileThe XML file to merge to.

Exactly one of these is required.

Similar to the Ant copy task, fromfile can be used with tofile or todir. Nested <fileset> elements can be used with todir (to perform bulk merging on sets of matching files), and with tofile, (to merge many source files into a single destination). Neither tofile nor todir have to exist, but an error will occur if they cannot be created, or if create is set to false.

todirThe directory to patch to.
targetfileAn alternative file to write the merged XML to.No. When specified, tofile itself is not modified. Cannot be used when nested <fileset>s or todir are specified (since it makes no sense).
preservelastmodifiedGive the new XML file(s) the same last-modified time as the original source file(s).No; defaults to false.
overwriteAllow existing target files to be overwritten.No; defaults to falsetrue. If If overwrite and create are both set to false, an error occurs.
createAllow target files to be created where they don't already exist.No; defaults to true. If overwrite and create are both set to false, an error occurs.
cleanupDeletes original XML file(s) after new merged file(s) is/are successfully written. If any destination or target file could not be processed or written for any reason, the original file is never deleted, even if this is set to true.No; defaults to false.
failonerrorIf false, the listener will try to continue processing remaining actions even when errors in reading, processing, or writing files occur. Instead of immediately failing, a warning message is written to the log.No; defaults to true.
enablemultiplemappingsIf true the task will process to all the mappings for a given source path. If false the task will only process the first file or directory. This attribute is only relevant if there is a mapper subelement.No; defaults to false.
conditionSpecifies the name of an IzPack installer condition that must be fulfilled before the configuration is executed.No.
configfileSpecifies the path to a plain Java property file (i.e. line-separator-delimited key=value properties) that specifies any number of merge configuration directives (see <xpathproperty>, below).No. Cannot be used if {{><