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  1. Check compatibility of installed plugins
    • If Sonar is not connected to the Internet, check for minimum required versions listed in this page.
    • If Sonar is connected to the Internet, the Update Center lists all the plugins to upgrade or to uninstall:
  2. Read notes below for each version
  3. Stop Sonar:

    Code Block
    bin/<SYSTEM>/sonar stop
  4. Download and unzip Sonar in a fresh directory, let's say {$NEW_SONAR_HOME}
  5. Update the content of the and wrapper.conf files located in the {$NEW_SONAR_HOME}/conf directory according of the content of the related files in the {$OLD_SONAR_HOME}/conf directory
  6. Copy the directories extensions/plugins and extensions/rules from {$OLD_SONAR_HOME} to {$NEW_SONAR_HOME} (if you see problems while starting, try to remove the copied plugins from the extensions/plugins-directory and reinstall the plugins manually via the webinterface)
  7. If a custom JDBC driver is used, copy it into {$NEW_SONAR_HOME}/extensions/jdbc-driver/<dialect>
  8. Doing a database backup is recommended
  9. If Sonar is deployed on a JEE server, build the WAR file by executing the script {$NEW_SONAR_HOME}/war/build-war
  10. Start server (or deploy war into JEE server):

    Code Block
    bin/<SYSTEM>/sonar start
  11. Browse to http://localhost:9000/setup and follow setup instructions
  12. Analyze your projects to get fresh measures