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  • datanga datanga: Initial implementation of Tomcat and WebLogic support
  • Arnaud Heritier
    : Implementation of the Maven 1.x plugin
  • hendriks hendriks: Implementation of jo! support and creation of the IDEA IntelliJ plugin
  • Milos Kleint: Netbeans extensions
  • Nyoman Ribeka: JBoss 3.x and 4.x support
  • oleo: JSR-88 support and remote containers support
  • mark mark: Tomcat Hot deployment implementation + implementation of the Maven 2.x plugin
  • grimsell grimsell: Lots of improvements to the Deployment API.
  • Nigel Magnay: Several improvements to the Modules API and implementation of several container-specific merger classes.
  • sfarquhar: JNDI datasource configuration, Generic test runner extension and many more.
  • Jan Bartel: Added support for Jetty 5.x and 6.x.
  • Vincent Siveton: Lots of various patches on the Maven2 plugin
  • Kohsuke Kawaguchi: Various patches to improve Cargo's API and implementation of the Embedded Tomcat container + Glassfish support
  • David J.M. Karlsen: Various patches, Maven 2 build.
  • Adrian Cole: WebLogic 9.x and 10.x support
  • Ryan Connolly: JRun 4.x support
  • Anders Hammar: Improvements to Maven build and Maven 2 Plugin
  • Benjamin Bentmann: Java container abstraction, various improvements and cleanup on containers (Jetty, Tomcat, Geronimo, ...)
  • Domien Nowicki (J4S): Implementation of the Daemon extension


  • Jerome Lacoste: General ideas and discussions about Cargo
  • Tim Shadel: Implementation of OC4J support
  • Matt Raible: Asked for improvements to the Tomcat support so that Cargo can support nicely AppFuse. Provided patches to improve Tomcat support.
  • Jan Zuchhold: Improvements to the Maven plugin (passing system properties)
  • Eoghan McIlwaine: Cargo logo and banner. Eoghan has also done a larger, vertical version of the Cargo logo. Eoghan, you rock!
  • Bill Dudney: Implementation of the Tomcat Existing Local Configuration + beta tester of the m2 plugin
  • Rahul Thakur: Added a cargo:configure mojo to the Maven2 plugin to generate container configuration.
  • Lester Ecarma: Participation in the implementation of Geronimo 1.x.
  • Juri Artamonov: Added support for starting/stopping/redeploying deployables in the Maven2 plugin + lots of other things.
  • Wendy Smoak: HTTPS support for Tomcat and various improvements.
  • Cédric Vidal: Added support for choosing a JBoss server configuration for standalone configurations.
  • Aaron Digulla: Several patches for Tomcat and Maven2 support.
  • Ate Douma: Several patches for Tomcat.