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  • org.geotools.feature.TypeBuilder
  • org.geotools.util.ComplexAttributeConverterFactory
  • org.geotools.feature.AttributeBuilder (PARTLY)
  • org.geotools.feature.Types (PARTLY)

The second would split off and become a new module 'gt-complex'. More specifically, this 'gt-complex' module will consist of the following classes that are now in the gt-app-schema module.

  • org.geotools.feature.AttributeBuilder (PARTLY)org.geotools.filter.expression.FeatureProperty + complete org.geotools.feature.xpath package
  • complete org.geotools.feature.type package
  • (PARTLY)
  • (PARTLY) + depending classes (for building types from xsd)



no progress






lack mandate/funds/time


volunteer needed

  1. NC(tick) NC: move/copy all the classes (specified above) into new module 'gt-complex'
  2. NC(tick) NC: refactor app-schema to use the gt-complex module and the new featuretyperegistry
  3. (tick) NC: Pull request for GEOT-4344 
  4. NC: review the geotools documentation and update
    • upgrade instructions for 9.x will need to mention this new dependency

API Changes

The API will not change because of this.