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  • NanoWeb
  • RIFE
  • Struts 2 Create Struts 2 actions in Groovy
  • Simple Advanced Groovy templating, provides a lightweight version of Struts Tiles
  • AribaWeb Full stack component-based framework for creating AJAX-enabled apps; embeds Groovy with full support for scripting components and business objects.
  • Groovy Tapestry
  • GvTags Template engine with tag lib support for Groovy and JSP tag library
  • Woko: POJOs on the Web!  Full stack DDD framework for building Object Oriented, Multi Profile webapps, with support for Groovy
  • OOWeb  Lightweight, fast, object-oriented web framework.  Can be embedded by groovy.
  • Gracelets A combination of Groovy and JSF/Facelets allowing you to write simple, compact and reloadable pages, controllers and libraries all inside the Servlet/JSF framework. Learn more about it here.
  • Jaiwls Component oriented Framework with bundled Servlet-Webserver (Jetty) and HTML Widget library. Can use static compiled java-classes or runtime Groovy-scripts.
  • Portofino is an open source web framework. Among its features: content management, CRUD, database connectivity, calendars, charts, security and easy customization.

Testing Tools

  • Canoo WebTest allows specifying Test Steps scripted in Groovy, bundling a series of Tests Steps with the MacroStepBuilder, and creating a whole WebTest using the AntBuilder. See GroovyWebTest
  • Spock is a testing and specification framework for Java and Groovy applications